Chicken breasts glazed with honey and lemon. Quick and easy recipe

Whenever I go shopping and go through the chicken shop section, I like to buy chicken breasts without fillets to cook them to my liking, depending on what I want to do. This time I made some chicken breasts glazed with honey and lemon that are perfect for a healthy meal. It is a very easy recipe that is also made almost in a moment but do not be fooled by the simplicity of this dish because it is really delicious and its taste at the same time acid and sweet will surprise you from the first bite.

Buns with poppy seeds and black sesame: easy bakery recipe

Good bread is never missing in my house, and for years I try to always be homemade. I have a weakness for medium-large, whole-grain pieces with cereals such as rye, more blunt and moist, but occasionally I like to prepare individual white muffins such as these with poppy seeds and black sesame seeds, great for accompanying food or for drinking At breakfast.

French chocolate cake recipe decorated by children

Today we are going to prepare a French chocolate cake decorated by children, a simple recipe to make with Tulip margarine and obtain a kind of crunchy cake on the outside and very creamy inside. The usual thing with this type of wet cakes or French biscuits is to make them in the oven and decorate them when they are finished but on this occasion, my nieces wanted to decorate the cake before putting it in the oven, and the result has been great.

Orange and lemon sponge cakes. Recipe

In summer you have to change the rhythms of life and, at least in my case, it's much early to get up early. Nor do I get to know the truth a lot these days, so I take the fresh morning to do some sport or to bake a special breakfast. These orange and lemon sponge cakes were a craving that ended up triumphing at home.

Almond cupcakes with orange glaze, a recipe so easy that even a child can make it

This recipe for almond cupcakes with orange glaze is very easy to prepare, so much that a child could almost make it by himself. We love that the little ones help in the kitchen, always under the supervision of an adult, and this is a good recipe to start them in the pastry. The molds we have used were small, that's why the dough ended up sticking out of them, because the cupcakes grew a lot, so the next time we make them we will use larger molds or we will have to fill them less.

About the lobster

On the lobster we can say that it is a crustacean decapod walker, it is characterized by having very long antennas, by the presence of skewers on the side of its abdominal segments and by the lack of tweezers. The lobster is raised on the rocky bottoms, at a depth between 20 and 150 meters.

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Cheese Carpaccio

A fresh and nutritious first dish with an exquisite combination, do you want to try the cheese Carpaccio ?, is ideal for a day like today, where you want to spend little time in the kitchen and enjoy a delicious delicacy. The ingredients 200 grams of Manchego sheep cheese in thin slices, 2 pears, a few bunches of arugula, 1 egg, a handful of raisins and pine nuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.

Neptune, haute cuisine in Mojacar Playa

There are better beach bars and worse beach bars. Some are suitable for tapas. In others, yours is having a drink. There are others where you can enjoy a great meal, on the beach, in a very pleasant atmosphere, with the sea bathing your feet and the sun stroking your skin. Of this type is the Chiringuito Neptuno in Mojacar Beach.

Weekly menu from April 8 to 14

You can not imagine the hunger that has entered me to compile all the recipes that we have prepared in recent days to prepare the weekly menu. If they put them all on the table, it would give me a syncope of not knowing where to start. Fortunately, the images on the computer do not smell, because if not right now I would be trying to bite the screen to bring so much delicacy to my mouth, so once I have recovered from the shock and swallowed all the saliva produced, I begin to list our suggestive command.

Bikini operation: Appropriate amounts in the salad for a balanced diet

Nothing better for this time of year than a fresh salad on our table, but much better if the chosen dish contributes to our bikini operation, because we must take care of the amounts to obtain light and nutritious salads as we want. Therefore, today we tell you how to use the appropriate amounts in the salad for a balanced diet.

The Link: Fishing in La Mancha

La Mancha is one of those areas of Spain where wine becomes an inseparable part of the culture of a region, but it is also true that its wines, massively consumed, have not had the prestige that wines from other areas of Spain have been able to enjoy. Alejandro Fernández, or what is the same, Pesquera projected the idea of ​​making a great wine with Tempranillo grapes in this wine area, and the truth is that it is close to achieving it.

Forever flavors and good memories

Now all that of creative cuisine is in fashion, and also decorative sweets, such as cupcakes, fondant cakes or cronuts - as my grandmother would say, if they don't know what to invent anymore - but there is something that still It keeps us rooted in the usual flavors, the potato omelette and the eggs with ham, and that is the good memories we have associated.

This is how you eat in the country of Melania Trump

What is potica? And the kranjska klobasa? We reveal you the typical dishes of Slovenian cuisine. Last week Pope Francis had a culinary wink with Melania Trump that only she understood, during the visit of the White House representatives to the Vatican. It was only a few seconds: "What do you feed him, potica?

The piglet in Japan

If I like something about Japanese culture, it is that humility that leads to that wonderful mimicry that has always been so prosperous. If you see something and like it, do not hesitate to copy it and, if you can, improve it. If they can't copy it, they go for it without thinking twice, and they always find enterprising people to help them.

Short film festival in Film & Cook

More information about the first film and gastronomy festival, Film & Cook, will take place in Barcelona on March 11, 12 and 13, 2011 at the headquarters of the FAD (Foment de les Arts i el Disseny). One of the important parts will be the festival of gastronomy shorts that will be screened before each scheduled movie.

Cod meatballs with raisins and pine nuts. Holy Week Recipe

These cod meatballs with raisins and pine nuts are the result of combining some traditional cod meatballs with one of my favorite recipes with this fish, cod with raisins and pine nuts that is one of the usual ones in my house and a sure win when I have guests . An ideal recipe for these days of Lent and Easter, in which, whether or not the vigil is saved, it seems that these dishes are especially appealing.

A Spaniard sells telepaellas in Warsaw

In difficult times, ingenuity is often sharpened, and interesting initiatives arise everywhere. That is why I was delighted to learn that a Spaniard has set up a soap opera company in Warsaw, bringing our classic dish to Polish citizens. This Madrid's business, which is also of Polish origin, began when he returned to his home country to escape the crisis and after a failed experience as a restaurant employee, he decided to set up his own company dedicated to selling paellas at home .